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Buzzword Bingo

This is a fun way to recycle vocabulary and to get students actively listening and paying attention in class.

  1. Create a buzzword bingo sheet containing the vocabulary, expressions and things you want students to listen for during your lesson. Give
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Who Is It – Celebrities.

A fun game to practice description and talking about people and their lives is the celebrity guessing game.

Get a photo collage of many celebrities.  A student starts talking about one celebrity and others must then guess who it is. … Read More ....

Guess The Price

Bringing reality into the classroom is so important.  Language is something we use in the real world and so it is incumbent that teachers link their lessons to actual use in the wider world.

One nice example is a – … Read More ....


Brainstorming is a great, open-ended activity that can be used for many teaching objectives.  Assessing student prior knowledge, consolidation, review or just language enjoyment and fun.

Give students an organizer or blank piece of paper and some short instructions / … Read More ....

A Back To School Snowball Fight

It is back to school time and this teaching recipe is proven to work for all levels!

1. Get students to fill out on a sheet of paper some info. about themselves. You can use a prepared page like this Read More ....

What’s The Trend?

A simple teaching recipe using the website – Storyline.

Students in teams open up the game and play. They must make a graph about the data set provided by the site. Ex. Percent of internet users over time.

Students discuss, … Read More ....

Guess The Sound

A fun game you can play online or off.

1. Students go and find an object that makes sound.
2. Keep it hidden or turn off the camera.
3. Then they do the sound and others guess.
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Sports Vocabulary Review Games

It’s so easy to make a simple and fun game using a sport – to review a unit of study or just have fun using trivia questions.

Take a sport like baseball.  One group of students is team A.  The … Read More ....

Word Searches 3.0

Don’t do the dull, regular word search, word find, unless absolutely necessary. Why not do one that promotes more learning? Here is how.

Give each student a blank word search. Depending on your wordlist, theme, unit of study – get … Read More ....

This Or That Game

This is a super easy game to play. Students vs teacher or in pairs student vs student.

Provide a This or That handout. Choices for students to make about the teacher or their partner. Here is a free one about … Read More ....