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Find Someone Who Part 2

Usually, the FSW (Find Someone Who ) games entail students asking questions AND writing in names to form sentences. (find a whole pile of pre-made ones on ELT Buzz Teaching Resources)

ie. (name) loves dancing.

However, there is another … Read More ....

Text Messaging – A writing lesson

Cellphones are the imbilical cord of today’s youth. Instead of fighting against them, let’s use this interest to get them learning English!

Transl8it.com allows the teacher to enter English text and then get the “text message” equivalent. Simply copy this … Read More ....

Guessing Games

Guessing games are a standard way to play and practice/learn vocabulary.

Simply generate with the class your vocabulary list. It can be recent vocabulary from your book/lesson/unit.

Then, the teacher describes one thing/place/person on the board and students try to … Read More ....

Guess the Wordle – a vocab. game

Wordle is a wonderful tool for teaching English!

You can put in groups of words and then display them in a “cool” fashion. Your teenagers especially will love this personalization.

I designed a quick game of random wordles – What Read More ....

Lily knows her Geography!

This is a fun lesson. Lily is an amazing child and your students will be fascinated.

1. Choose a student and get the student standing at the front of the class. Place a map of the world at the front … Read More ....

Indian Poker!

This is a variation of the 20 questions  game but can also be a way to learn/produce/practice all lesson vocabulary.

Give all students post it notes. ( I like using the small ones, the really tiny ones).  Students choose a … Read More ....

Top 5 – The perfect vocab. game!

Top 5 was the first game I developed and the positive feedback I got from it, really keep me  motivated to make more games. Teachers loved its simplicity and students loved the competitive aspect. It also has a neat creative … Read More ....

Not like the other things

Find more videos like this on EFL CLASSROOM 2.0

I am a BIG fan of not only teaching English but teaching thinking skills. We have to do both (and always spice with happiness!).

This game really gets students thinking and … Read More ....

Whiteboard Soccer

Soccer is an international game and all kids are crazy about it – even girls! Whiteboard soccer is a great way to make review and quizzes fun.

Draw a soccer pitch on the board. A magnet will be the ball. Read More ....

Heads Down, thumbs up!

This game is also known as 7 up.

Select 4-5 students and give them a flashcard/picture.

All other students put their heads down and one thumb up. The other students go around the classroom and gently squeeze one student’s thumb. … Read More ....