What is a “Teaching Recipe”?

A teaching recipe is a short idea on how to get students participating, practicing and producing language in the EFL classroom. Nothing elaborate, just something basic, like Mom’s famous home cooking!

What is “EFL Teaching Recipes”?

EFL Teaching Recipes is a simple way that teachers can share lesson “ideas”. Simply post a title and then your recipe. Tag it with proper keywords so others can find your delicious EFL teaching recipe!

Who created “EFL Teaching Recipes”?

EFL Teaching Recipes was the creation of David and Dmitry, two tech savvy and committed EFL educators.

David is a teacher trainer with over 25 years of teaching experience. You can find him at ELT Buzz, where he keeps the ELT world informed. Or try his personal profile page. 

Why was “EFL Teaching Recipes” created?

There are so many new teachers constantly entering the English teaching profession. They need, as do even more experienced teachers, ideas for their classrooms. With the advent of Web 2.0, David and Dmitry saw that they could harness the collective brain power of the EFL teaching community and easily catalog and share teaching recipes.

Do I need to register?

No, you don’t have to register and all recipes are free and available to all.

However, an email address is needed if you are going to post a recipe.

I can’t find something! Something isn’t working!

Don’t worry, we’ll help. Simply CONTACT US and we’ll be happy to reply ASAP.

I have resources and worksheets to upload. How can I share them?

That’s easy. Please go to ELT Buzz Teaching Resources and register. Upload your resource into the appropriate category. Copy the page link and come back here to TeachingRecipes.com and enter the link address.