My Favorite Subject



Level: Intermediate+

Aim: to practice fluency; to practice word order; to revise vocabulary

Time: 20 minutes or more

Language skills: speaking (in variation – writing, reading)

Types of learners: auditory, kinesthetic, visual

Materials for the students: none (in variation – material needed for the presentation)

Materials for the teacher: none

Classroom management: group/pair work



  1. Ask students what their favourite school subject is. They should give the reason, too.
  2. Group students according to their answers, i.e. all chemistry lovers will form one group. If there are too many students in one group, they can break into pairs.
  3. Ask them to recall what they have learnt or found interesting about a topic done recently (e.g. Climate of Southern Europe).
  4. Each group prepares and presents their topic orally for the rest of the class. You are free to decide how long and thorough the presentation should be, depending on their level of English and time you have in the class.



  1. Students (the whole class, a group or a pair) can prepare the presentation of their topic in advance. Most of the students find it easier and more interesting to use pictures, maps, course books, encyclopaedias, and other resources which are easily available.
  2. The teacher can write down what he/she had found interesting in students’ presentations and ask them comprehension questions later.
  3. The students can write comprehension questions on pieces of paper. Each group (except the presenters) takes it in turn to give answers. This can be a competition or a quiz.


Note: Advanced students can be given homework – to put in writing what they were talking about in the class or to pick another group’s interesting topic and write about it.

Use this writing prompt for a writing lesson. Download PDF

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