Inside Outside Circles

I’ve seen classrooms literally transformed when teachers start using this technique in their classrooms! It’s great for conversation based activities or taking up homework or exercises.

Inside Outside Circle is a kinesthetic activity that involves all students in the class and that facilitates
short exchanges between students. Read here a full description.

The teacher:
• forms two concentric circles containing the same number of students. Students in the inside circle
face a partner standing in the outside circle.
• asks students from the inside circle to share something with their partner in timed activity.
• has students reverse roles. The students on the outside circle share with their partner,
• controls the timing, e.g., “Outside circle, it’s your turn to share for one minute.”
• has the inside circle rotate and the students turn to face their new partner. Repeat steps 2 and 3.

Inside Outside Circle:
• engages all students simultaneously;
• pairs students briefly with classmates with whom they may rarely work;
• allows the teacher to spontaneously increase or decrease the number of different student pairings that

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