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Prompt Generators

Prompts are great for getting students to use their English both spoken and written.

We’ve worked hard to provide teachers with easy-to-use prompts, templates, and organizers. Now, we’ve updated our prompt generators and given them a nice, … Read More ....

Teaching Speaking – Activities

Teaching speaking is the core of what many language teachers do.  It’s important to understand the classic activities that support teaching speaking and getting students to communicate in the language.

Here are some great recipes for activating your students’ powers … Read More ....

Instant Prompts

Teaching a language is both super difficult and super easy. That’s contradictory but if you’ve taught a number of years, I think you’ll also see the logic and sense in that statement.

One of our main jobs is to give … Read More ....

This Or That Game

This is a super easy game to play. Students vs teacher or in pairs student vs student.

Provide a This or That handout. Choices for students to make about the teacher or their partner. Here is a free one about … Read More ....

Retell A Movie Plot

Students watch a lot of movies! So harness this and get them “retelling” a movie plot and sharing their thoughts about a movie in English.

Use this template so they can prepare their thoughts about the movie they have chosen … Read More ....

A 4 Word Story

Level: Elementary +

Aim: to revise vocabulary or grammar; to practice word order; to practice fluency

Time: 15 minutes or more

Language skills: speaking, writing, reading, listening

Types of learners: auditory, visual

Material: an A5 blank piece … Read More ....

My Favorite Subject



Level: Intermediate+

Aim: to practice fluency; to practice word order; to revise vocabulary

Time: 20 minutes or more

Language skills: speaking (in variation – writing, reading)

Types of learners: auditory, kinesthetic, visual

Materials for the Read More ....

Action Man – Describe The Action

Students simply describe what Action Man is doing. Pause and then have students describe the stunt. They’ll love the challenge!

Download and view the video HERE


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Alexa Says …

A very simple recipe. Play this video (or any video of Alexa commands) and pause after the command. Get students to guess what Alexa will reply.  Simple, beautiful and fun lesson!  Maybe even bring Alexa to class to!

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Class “Chain” activity

This idea can be used for any category to see who in the class likes X or Y. Here’s an example using pop groups.

Brainstorm some of the student’s favorite pop groups.

Write them on the board along with ways … Read More ....