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Family Photos

This is a fun activity to do at the beginning of the school year or course. But works any time.

Ask students to bring in 5 photos with family and friends in them. Have some of your own to provide … Read More ....

Asking your questions

Asking your questions

Students get a chance to ask each other questions, then try to guess the original questions based on a handful of answers.


B1 – above

30 minutes

WHAT TO DO… Read More ....

Giving advice – problem cards

This is a pair activity for practising giving advice. Make ten problem cards. Choose ten students who will tell their partner about his/her problem. Then the partner will give them advice.  

These cards  can be used for practising second conditional Read More ....

Superlative speaking cards – Who’s the … student in class?

This is a fun follow-up speaking activity for practising superlatives. Make cards with superlative form of personality adjectives. The number of cards depends on the number of the students in the class. Distribute the cards so that each student has Read More ....

Blank Dialog Videos

The blank dialogue is a very “natural” teaching approach. Something intuitive about it. I used it in my early days of teaching – just pausing a dialogue on cassette tape and asking students to respond. You had to get skilled Read More ....

Story Dominoes

This is a very simple idea that works to help students talk about events and narrate a story.  

Write many ideas / vocabulary on the board, all over the board. 

ex.  A girl in pjamas,  a ball,  Thursday,  green, … Read More ....

Extensive Reading: Voice Diary

Extensive Reading: Voice Diary

This recipe works best if you combine it with Extensive Reading. It builds confidence and teaches reading, speaking, and listening
Encourage your students to make a voice diary with their cell phones. Its listed under the … Read More ....

Angel vs Devil

This is a great way for students to practice using sequential transitions (Firstly / Furthermore / last but not least).Great for just speaking practice but also presentation or debate classess.

Provide the class with a list of topics (City living … Read More ....

SCC – Student Created Content

I’m a big fan of student created content. That’s my own term for resources which aren’t from the textbook but from the student’s own aprior knowledge, world and mind. Personalized teaching.

Students create the materials for learning/practicing English. In doing … Read More ....

Backdoor – a great teaching technique

Mr. Bean works well with this technique.

Get some great Mr. Bean videos here or here.

Backdoor is a technique where in pairs students sit back to back. One student watches the screen and describes the action. The teacher … Read More ....