Each student is given a VERB. (See that it is suitable for the level of the class).

In pairs or as a whole class, discover the VERB through QUESTIONS.

The nonsense word “BLIP” should be substituted for the target VERB.


Write sample QUESTIONS on the board

When / Where / Why / How do you blip?

Can you blip someone / something / somewhere?

Do you often blip?

Did you blip yesterday?

Are you blipping now?

Are you going to blip this weekend?

Have you blipped since you arrived in England?

Do you like blipping?

Do you blip with your hands?

If I saw you blipping, would you be embarrassed?


The aim of the game is not to guess the meaning of the word “Blip” straight away. When you think you know the meaning of the word “Blip”, you could ask further questions which make the meaning of the word “Blip” clear to the rest of the class or which amuse the student who is answering the questions.

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Author: Teaching Recipes Staff
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