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The Phrase

The teacher elicits some verbs from students (4 or 5 verbs) and writes them on the board. Ex: run-eat-see-fly.

Give students 2 or 3 minutes to write a sentence with all the verbs from the board in the same sequence … Read More ....


Those with –ken past participle sound:


speak  spoke  spoken

take     took     taken

wake    woke     waken

break   broke    broken

shake   shook   shaken


Those with –sen past participle sound


choose   chose    chosen

freeze    froze     frozen


Those with –ght … Read More ....


Each student is given a VERB. (See that it is suitable for the level of the class).

In pairs or as a whole class, discover the VERB through QUESTIONS.

The nonsense word “BLIP” should be substituted for the target VERB.… Read More ....