Weekly Quiz

Divide learners into teams of four. Write a word that you introduced last week on the whiteboard, like:

  • loyal (adjective)

Ask learners to agree on:

  • the definition (faithful, devoted to someone/something)
  • the noun (loyalty)
  • the negative form (disloyal)
  • a common collocation (a loyal friend, a loyalty card)
  • the plural (loyalties).

Divide learners into teams of four, and write a new word on the board.

Tell the teams that they will get one point for each correct example of the definition, a noun, the negative form, a common collocation, and the plural of the new word.

Give your learners a time limit, based on their language level.

When their time is up, ask learners to pass their answer sheet to the team on their left to mark. Ask the teams for the answers, and write the responses on the board, either rewarding a point, or not.

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