This small group discussion game is excellent because students talk about their own lives and the other students ask further questions and become really curious.

Use these cards. Model with the whole class by giving selected students cards and they will ask the teacher. Ex. Tell us about what you ate for dinner?  The teacher replies and other students must ask 2 follow-up questions.  Ex. Did you enjoy it?  Who made it?

Continue and then give the cards to small groups. They play the game in the same fashion.  Write question words as prompts on the board – Who / What / Where / When / Why / How …. / Which … / Whose….  / Did /  Were  /

A great conversation game! Afterward, if time permits, go around the class asking students to tell about one thing they found out about a fellow classmate.  Also, see our Tell Us About online discussion prompt generator! 


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Author: Teaching Recipes Staff
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