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Matching Game (flashcards)

Use this video to show students how to play the game. It is very simple!

Get more flashcards and ideas for more Flashcard games HERE.


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This small group discussion game is excellent because students talk about their own lives and the other students ask further questions and become really curious.

Use these cards. Model with the whole class by giving selected students cards and … Read More ....

Match ’em up

The teacher prepares -ADHESIVE TYPEWRITER ADDRESS LABELS ( which can be purchased in rolls to stick on the backs of all the students in the class.) or Post It Notes.

Each label contains a real person’s name or the name … Read More ....


This is a very simple exercise that you can use everyday when using flashcards to make it much easier & more fun!

Go through your flashcards with the children first…and when finished, lay them down face up around the children.… Read More ....