Match ’em up

The teacher prepares -ADHESIVE TYPEWRITER ADDRESS LABELS ( which can be purchased in rolls to stick on the backs of all the students in the class.) or Post It Notes.

Each label contains a real person’s name or the name of a character from fiction or television cartoons. Each named person should have a natural partner, for example if you write a label with the name ROMEO, there should also be a label with the name JULIET stuck on somebody’s back. If you have an odd number of students in your class, stick a label on your own back, but let the students do the questioning.

Questions must be of the type that can either be answered with YES or No:

Am I man or a woman? Alive or dead? European or American? Real or fictitious?

Am I a character from a cartoon or a book? Am I rich? Am I famous?

Have I been in the news recently? Am I someone from your country? Britain?

Do I work in sport / music / entertainment / the cinema / the theatre?

Students ask questions to find their partner……..when they think they’ve found their partner, they sit down together.

Some possible matches..

ROMEO JULIET TOM the cat JERRY the mouse
POPEYE OLIVE OIL Prince Philip Queen Elizabeth II
Micky Mouse Minnie Mouse Stan Laurel Oliver Hardy
King Juan Carlos Queen Sofia André Agassi Steffi Graff
Nelson Mandella Winnie Mandella John Lennon Yoko Ono
Richard Burton Elizabeth Taylor Bonnie (gangster) Clyde (gangster)
Tarzan Jane (jungle girl) The Lone Ranger Tonto (cowboy)
Prince Charles Princess Diana Cindarella Prince Charming

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Author: Teaching Recipes Staff
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