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Free Hugs

I used to do this with my classes (teacher training) and it always showed up on my teacher evaluations post-course as one of the highlights mentioned by trainees. You can do it too with students.


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Tasks For Teaching

TBLT (Task Based Language Teaching) is a valid approach and alternative to the traditional Prepare – Practice – Produce style lessons many teachers deliver.

Simply give students a task (preferably transferable to the real world) and let them “have a … Read More ....

Find Someone Who Part 2

Usually, the FSW (Find Someone Who ) games entail students asking questions AND writing in names to form sentences. (find a whole pile of pre-made ones on ELT Buzz Teaching Resources)

ie. (name) loves dancing.

However, there is another … Read More ....

2 Way Tasks


2 Way Tasks are a staple of English Language Teaching.

In the typical 2 way task, each student (A and B) have some information and some information missing. they must communicate to fill in their missing information.

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Match ’em up

The teacher prepares -ADHESIVE TYPEWRITER ADDRESS LABELS ( which can be purchased in rolls to stick on the backs of all the students in the class.) or Post It Notes.

Each label contains a real person’s name or the name … Read More ....

Total Physical Response

Total Physical Response is a very active way to teach English. Young learners really enjoy it.

Basically review the content and vocabulary by having the students repeat your sentences and perform an action at the same time. ex. It is … Read More ....