Find Someone Who Part 2

Usually, the FSW (Find Someone Who ) games entail students asking questions AND writing in names to form sentences. (find a whole pile of pre-made ones on ELT Buzz Teaching Resources)

ie. (name) loves dancing.

However, there is another option and one that even is stronger cognitively and pedagogically.

Give students a bingo card with pictures. Or even better, get them to draw/label the pictures into the boxes. Use my Bingo Powerpoint if you want.

Students go around the classroom asking people the target question (on the board) or as in this example – Do you like…….?  If the student answers yes, they write in an O, if no, an X. They also write the student’s name.

If they find 5 in a row (either O or X), they get bingo and can sit down.

Finally, in groups, they make sentences using the names to make statements about classmates. ex.  Jennifer likes (O) / doesn’t like (X) watermelon.

This is a great visual and student-created content way to play FSW!

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Author: Teaching Recipes Staff
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