Use a Timer! Get ticking!

timer-iconUsing a timer in class is really something that is invaluable and maybe even a MUST for a teacher.

Students need to know how long a task will take and a timer is a perfect way to let them know! Especially for writing exercises and tests.

Further, I’ve even seen teachers use it as a classroom management tool. Simply set the time for the length of the class. If students are off task – pause the timer. Students won’t be able to leave the class until the timer has finished so they will be sure NOT to want the timer to stop! Might work for you however first try other things!

You can get timers of all sorts, for your computer, HERE on EFL Classroom 2.0. This is a quick download of the one shown here but also try this groovy online timer with music! I really like the powerpoint timer on EFL Classroom because you can change the background picture to a class picture. Cool!

If you don’t have a computer in class, just use a “timer box” and write down the time left in the box, every so often.

Now get ticking!

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