Who Is It?

Write everyone’s names on slips of paper and put them in a hat or box. Choose two pairs of learners to be players, and ask each of them to pick a name and keep it a secret. Ask the rest of your learners to stand up. They will be part of the game board.

The aim of the game is for each pair of players to guess which learner the other pair have chosen. They do this by asking questions about the learner’s clothes and appearance and eliminating other learners from the game board.

For example, if they ask ‘Does he or she have blonde hair?’ and the other pair answers ‘yes’, all learners without blonde hair should sit down.

The pair of learners continue asking questions until everyone has sat down but the learner chosen by the other pair.

Repeat the game with the second pair of players asking the questions. The pair who guess correctly in the fastest time are the winners.

Play this with lower-level classes to practise body parts; adjectives such as tall, short, blonde, dark, straight, curly; clothes words; and patterns on clothing accessories.

You could also pre-teach these grammatical patterns:

Does his/her shirt have …?
Has he/she got …?
Is he/she wearing …?

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