2 Way Tasks


2 Way Tasks are a staple of English Language Teaching.

In the typical 2 way task, each student (A and B) have some information and some information missing. they must communicate to fill in their missing information.

Here are some , examples of 2 way tasks, I put together. Very teacher friendly, just photocopy and go! But make sure you model whole class by giving students some information, putting some blanks on the board and asking students for the information, modeling the “target language” or that language the students will use to perform the 2 way task.

Another caution. Make sure to train your students to NOT look at each others sheet. It is a communicative activity, NOT a copy and get the task done thing!!!!! You’ll have to be firm about this but it will pay off with student learning. Maybe get students to put up atlases or larger books between themselves or get them to sit back to back!

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Author: Teaching Recipes Staff
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