Choosing Students – Chants

Mickey Mouse is the perfect way to choose a student in class. Unlike Einie Meanie Minie Moe, it  allows the students to actuall participate in choosing themselves, so the teacher can avoid any “blame”.

It goes like this. For each word, point to a student.

Mickey – Mouse – built – a – house. – How – many – bricks – did – he – use?

The student where “use” occurs, now states the number of bricks. Any number. The teacher then can

a) continue counting ahead that number. That student is chosen!

b) continue continue back that number. That student is chosen!

c)  continue counting in any direction but every second person.

This avoids the students trying to guess “exactly”. If a student says a very large number like 1,000,000 – simply count 100,000, 200,000, 300,000 etc…

Teach your students the Mickey Mouse chant and they can do it themselves.

For those interested, here’s Einie Meanie Minie Moe!

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