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Brainstorming is a great, open-ended activity that can be used for many teaching objectives.  Assessing student prior knowledge, consolidation, review or just language enjoyment and fun.

Give students an organizer or blank piece of paper and some short instructions / … Read More ....

Sports Vocabulary Review Games

It’s so easy to make a simple and fun game using a sport – to review a unit of study or just have fun using trivia questions.

Take a sport like baseball.  One group of students is team A.  The … Read More ....

Word Searches 3.0

Don’t do the dull, regular word search, word find, unless absolutely necessary. Why not do one that promotes more learning? Here is how.

Give each student a blank word search. Depending on your wordlist, theme, unit of study – get … Read More ....

Quizlet – An Instant Digital Platform

I’ve been enamored by Quizlet ever since the mid 2000s when Andrew, a teen put the site up to help with his French studies. It’s grown to become one of the largest educational websites in the world.

ELT Buzz Teaching … Read More ....

Alphabet Cards

Simple activity for beginners.   Helps them to learn how to spell basic words.

Download and print out a set of alphabet cards. https://resources.eltbuzz.com/7vm

Call out a word and students spell it using the letter cards.  Get students to challenge each … Read More ....

Vocabulary Pyramids

I adapted this idea from the Hot Spot series of young learner coursebooks, and use it to review vocabulary from previous lessons.

At the start of a lesson, I ask learners to write the names of:

  • one activity
  • two animals
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Name 3


A simple game. Write a bunch of categories and have students brainstorm 3 things for each category.

Then take up with the groups in turn. Each thing not repeated gets a point. Continue with all categories. Most points win.

See … Read More ....

Around The World

This is very much like the famous quiz game, Golden Bell. Play until one student standing who can then challenge the teacher.

Students stand in a line. The first two in the line face off. The teacher shows a … Read More ....

A 4 Word Story

Level: Elementary +

Aim: to revise vocabulary or grammar; to practice word order; to practice fluency

Time: 15 minutes or more

Language skills: speaking, writing, reading, listening

Types of learners: auditory, visual

Material: an A5 blank piece … Read More ....

English Is Everywhere

A very simple idea and great for the start of a class year or course.

Give students strips of paper, scotch tape and markers.

Get the students to go around the classroom and label everything, everywhere!  Stapler, ceiling, door, calendar, … Read More ....