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Spelling game

I use this game with my students to check spelling of vocabulary introduced in the previous lesson.

Divide class in two teams, A and B. Divide the board in the middle. Mark each side of the board for each team.… Read More ....

Six Steps to Learning a Word

Here is how I help my students learn their vocabulary! It has improved my students’ ability to recognize vocabulary and teaches them a way to learn vocabulary independently! It’s called Six Steps! We do them as an introductory lesson for … Read More ....

Pass the Chicken



The prop is the most important element to this game : ) To begin, all students sit in a circle. Select one person to be IT. That person holds the rubber chicken. The teacher or a “caller” … Read More ....

Map it – Vocab. Technique

   I learned this just recently in a staff workshop (shows the power of peer learning/sharing!). thanks Rona!


Whatever vocabulary list / word bank you have – you can map it! Yes, just ask the students to draw a … Read More ....

Alphabet Organizing

  This is a very simple way to brainstorm and practice    vocabulary. Alphabet organizing!


Simply use this handy organizer and get the students to list all the vocab for a certain topic (at the beach, at the restaurant, animals, … Read More ....

What’s the weather like in …….?

The weather is a standard topic and beyond reviewing the vocabulary (which you can do with these resources) , you can really do it communicatively by getting students to do / practice weather reports!

After going through the vocabulary … Read More ....

Mr. X – Story book writing

Writing storybooks is a great way to reinforce grammar and vocabulary. It also gives students confidence and pride in “producing” something visible and tangible to measure their English language learning experience.

There are several steps to making a storybook and … Read More ....

Drawing and Vocabulary

Kids love to draw! Use that interest to develop their English.

This lesson recipe is my “go to” lesson. An idea which you can use at the last minute for almost any children’s class. Also a good lesson when unprepared … Read More ....

Guessing Games

Guessing games are a standard way to play and practice/learn vocabulary.

Simply generate with the class your vocabulary list. It can be recent vocabulary from your book/lesson/unit.

Then, the teacher describes one thing/place/person on the board and students try to … Read More ....

Talking about your family

This generates a lot of talk and students are always very interested in each other’s lives.

Write down on the board some of your own (the teacher) family names. Underneath write;

A. Who is …………………..?

B. …….. is ………..’s …………….… Read More ....