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Take your time, do not make hasty conclusions about the following valuable books on ESL activities and read the description of them on
Let me know your particular interest in issues of teaching and perhaps learning English. I may have some more really new helpful information for you.

700 Classroom Activities [Paperback], D. Seymour (author), 156 pages, 2005, lists activities for grammar, vocabulary, functions and conversation topics.

Lessons from Good Language Learners (Cambridge Language Teaching Library), 2008, 336 pages.

ESL Teacher’s Activities Kit by Elizabeth Claire, 288 pages, 1998.

Recipes for Tired Teachers : Well-Seasoned Activities for the Esol Classroom [Paperback], 228 pages, 1984.

 More Recipes for Tired Teachers: Well-Seasoned Activities for the ESOL Classroom [Paperback].

English for a Successful Life in the USA: A workbook of advice for ESL students [Paperback], 216 pages, 2001.

Addison-Wesley ESL Activity Book, Level C [Import] [Paperback], 600 pages, 1991.
Addison-Wesley ESL Activity Book, Level E [Import] [Paperback], 600 pages, 1991.

1,000 Conversation Questions: Designed for Use in the ESL or EFL Classroom [Paperback] .

Conversation Inspirations: Over 2400 Conversation Topics [Paperback] , 114 pages, 2005.

1. I’ve prepared a free highly practical English teaching guide from Internet ESL/EFL teaching resources. 
The links I’ve selected contain highly useful materials for both teachers and learners of English and can serve as a free and valuable guide for them.
Maybe you know some other guides for learners and teachers of ESL/EFL. I also have links (a guide) for learners of English that you may be interested in as well.
At your request I can send you those links.

2. I’ve also gleaned some very helpful articles for both learners and teachers of ESL/EFL from extensive exploration on the Internet that you and many users of your site may be interested in. In particular I discovered and I am especially interested in articles on learning and teaching English grammar, on second language acquisition, on the role and impact of one’s native language when learning and using ESL/EFL, on the issue of translation in learning and practising ESL/EFL, on learning and practising various aspects of English, on development of four language skills (listening comprehension, speaking, reading and writing), on valuable ESL/EFL resources, tips and advice.

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