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Buzzword Bingo

This is a fun way to recycle vocabulary and to get students actively listening and paying attention in class.

  1. Create a buzzword bingo sheet containing the vocabulary, expressions and things you want students to listen for during your lesson. Give
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Basic Reading Recipes

Basic Reading Recipes

These tried and true lesson activities will help you get your students to read and communicate in English. The recipes work with most teaching scenarios and situations. Just modify the basic recipe with your own basic ingredients … Read More ....

50 Christmas Ideas

There are so many things you can do for Xmas lessons. Xmas movies or videos. Write Xmas cards. Give imaginary gifts. Play Xmas games like bingo or Jeopardy. Decorate the class. Sing carols, even karaoke. Hum and guess the carol! … Read More ....

Guess Where I Am?

This is an easy but fun lesson to practice geography, question making and language skills.

1. Choose one student who comes to the front of the class.

2. The student writes in big letters on a piece of paper with … Read More ....

Stop The Bus

This is a great game that is easy to start/finish.

1. Get students in small groups.

2. Select 3 categories. Ex. Food  / Country  /  Verb

3. Select a letter from the alphabet.   Ex. G

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Leave The Room

This is a standard game and can be played to practice a variety of language forms (or just for fun!).

I use it to practice the difficult “have/has been …” present perfect tense.

Put the forms on the board.   The … Read More ....

Family Photos

This is a fun activity to do at the beginning of the school year or course. But works any time.

Ask students to bring in 5 photos with family and friends in them. Have some of your own to provide … Read More ....

Vocabulary Recycling

Here is an activity for vocabulary revision. This activity works well with the students who need constant control for vocabulary revision.

First, we need to make sure that we have spent enough time on teaching vocabulary, then we can divide … Read More ....

Asking your questions

Asking your questions

Students get a chance to ask each other questions, then try to guess the original questions based on a handful of answers.


B1 – above

30 minutes

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Mr. Has Been

I have used this recipe to hilarious effect over my teaching years. Always a winner!

It focuses on the present perfect continuous tense and gets students practicing this form/conjugations.

Come to class dressed up kind of looking like Mr. Bean. … Read More ....