Mr. Has Been

I have used this recipe to hilarious effect over my teaching years. Always a winner!

It focuses on the present perfect continuous tense and gets students practicing this form/conjugations.

Come to class dressed up kind of looking like Mr. Bean. Tell students you are Mr. Has Been.  Have a set of flashcards or word cards with verbs or places etc….  Ex. eating chinese food, sleeping,  eating pizza,  exercising,  winning lottery etc…

Then mime like Mr. Bean one of the cards/actions.  For example, “visiting China” act like you are using chopsticks.  Students will reply, “Mr. Has Been has been eating Chinese food” etc….  Keep miming so students guess what Mr. Has Been has been doing.  After students get the idea, have a student come up a mime while students continue to guess.
Mr. Bean
Great fun!  Then after watch a Mr. Bean video and get students to really desribe what Mr. Bean has been doing while pausing the video to let them make sentences.

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Author: Teaching Recipes Staff
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