Six Steps to Learning a Word

Here is how I help my students learn their vocabulary! It has improved my students’ ability to recognize vocabulary and teaches them a way to learn vocabulary independently! It’s called Six Steps! We do them as an introductory lesson for new vocabulary.

The Six Steps:

1. Look at the word

2. Hear the word

3. Say the word

4. Spell the word

5. Write the word

6. Find the word

Here is how I use Six Steps:

1. Write the word on the board, have students point to it

2. Students cup their ears with their hands, you say the word

3. The students say the word back to you

4. Students spell the word outloud

5. On a small slip of paper, the students write the word

6. Hand out a summary of the story/article that the vocabulary applies to that you will be reading in class. Students are to use a highlighter to scan the sheet for the word.

7. Erase the word then write the next word on the board and repeat the cycle.

My students love this activity because it gets them invovled in their own learning!


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Author: Teaching Recipes Staff
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