Organize your own Music Festival (Future tenses and comperatives/superlatives)

Hi all,

This lesson is ideal for pre/intermediate classes to practice both future tense and comperatives/superlatives.

First start with a quick discussion on music and the Ss’s favourite singers or bands etc.

Then, tell them they’re going to organize their own music festival- a very special one to their own taste. Give them the following points to think about preferably in pairs. (the focus is on the future tense)

-What kind of a music festival is it going to be? (pop,rock, jazz?)

-Where and when is the festival going to take place?

-What other activities are you going to organize?(stands for selling food, drink or camping areas etc.)

-How much is the entrance fee?

-Are you going to organize TV or radio interviews with singers/bands?if yes, which TV channels or radio channels?

And find an original name for the festival!

As a second stage (where they focus on comperatives and superlatives), ask them to choose the singers/bands to be invited to the festival. Give them some options like Rihanna, Coldplay, whoever..

Ask them to choose from the options stating their reasons why they want to invite those singers/bands. Give a model sentence like “we are going to invite Coldplay because we think that they are more interesting than X.” etc.

Then, ask the pairs to present their festivals and ask others to vote for the most interesting/original music festival, giving them an evaluation rubric.

As homework, you might ask them to prepare the poster of their festivals.

Good luck

Didem Yesil

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