This is a fun way to teach negative commands, wake up the class or simply make them laugh.

  1. Write on the board “DON’T TOUCH ME”.
  2. Have the class say the phrase with you one or two times to get used to it. Some may already know it.
  3. Poke a student GENTLY on the shoulder or on top of the head. The student may need to be prompted to say “Don’t touch me.” Alert students will yell it before you can get anywhere close, which tends to be funny.
  4. When the student says “don’t touch me” say “ok” and move on to another student.
  5. Wander through the class attempting to poke students and make them use the target language.
  6. After an adequate length of time, play this video:[youtube]0EIslExP2kc[/youtube]
  7. Maybe even play it twice.


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Author: Teaching Recipes Staff
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