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Music Works

One recipe for teachers is to think of music differently. Not just as a way of studying language – listening to words but also as a way of classroom management or creating classroom atmosphere.

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Wish I Knew Then

Your students bring such a powerful and deep view and knowledge of the world into the classroom. We should always tap into that – each n every lesson.

One cool way is to ask them about “life advice”. What do … Read More ....

Use Your Imagination

Creative thinking is central to all teaching. Here is a good idea to prompt students and get them to take their minds into different places.

Provide some lines, dots on a piece of paper. Or use this template ELT Buzz Read More ....

Never gonna give you up …

A simple idea for students to practice “gonna”.

Play the iconic video Never Gonna Give You Up. Students simply check the things Rick is never gonna do.

Or don’t use the checklist at first, just let them listen and take … Read More ....

Class “Chain” activity

This idea can be used for any category to see who in the class likes X or Y. Here’s an example using pop groups.

Brainstorm some of the student’s favorite pop groups.

Write them on the board along with ways … Read More ....

Making A Doodle Video

Doodle songs/videos are a great activity you can do with your class! They really promote contextualized learning and motivate students because you have a final product and of course – there is music!

I was asked by a member for
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This is a fun way to teach negative commands, wake up the class or simply make them laugh.

  1. Write on the board “DON’T TOUCH ME”.
  2. Have the class say the phrase with you one or two times to get used
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Song & Dance

This is a fun way to not only to incorporate singing into the lesson, but get the class moving.

  1. Find a section of an unfamiliar song that the students have probably never heard.
  2. Teach lyrics to the class using a
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Pass the Paper!

crumpledI was reminded of this game while watching an excellent Korean teacher’s English lesson this week. Pass the Paper (Snowball). It’s great for online or in a regular classroom.

Students in groups pass around a crumpled piece of paper while … Read More ....

Where the Hell is Matt?

These series of videos are amazingly effective for classroom instruction. They also give students a view of the world and are a great global issues primer. Matt “danced” his way around the world. Here are several ways to use these … Read More ....