Making A Doodle Video

Doodle songs/videos are a great activity you can do with your class! They really promote contextualized learning and motivate students because you have a final product and of course – there is music!

I was asked by a member for some info. about creating one – so in the name of education, here is my simple guide. A few short steps and tips.
First, what is a doodle video? Well, it is simply drawings that support the lyrics of the song. Students make the drawings and then they are each photographed and put together with the music to make a video. See all the doodle videos we have  – some great songs there.Project Peace actually is a doodle video of a sort too, see examples there.
This is probably the most popular doodle video on ELT Buzz. No doubt because the students are from a design H.S.!   Read more here. 

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Author: Teaching Recipes Staff
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