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Retell A Movie Plot

Students watch a lot of movies! So harness this and get them “retelling” a movie plot and sharing their thoughts about a movie in English.

Use this template so they can prepare their thoughts about the movie they have chosen … Read More ....

Making A Doodle Video

Doodle songs/videos are a great activity you can do with your class! They really promote contextualized learning and motivate students because you have a final product and of course – there is music!

I was asked by a member for
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At The Movies

Everyone loves movies!

This is a great idea and a great way to have a very light but powerful lesson.

1.   Write some names of movies on the board.    Then give students 4 hints about one movie.  See if they … Read More ....

Book/Movie Discussion

Really simple to do.  Just play a clip of a movie and prepare some discussion questions on powerpoint.

Questions can be simple comprehension or can be more indepth, it’s up to you.  You can put students in pairs, small groups … Read More ....