Song & Dance

This is a fun way to not only to incorporate singing into the lesson, but get the class moving.

  1. Find a section of an unfamiliar song that the students have probably never heard.
  2. Teach lyrics to the class using a powerpoint or handouts. Either way, lead the class through the song line by line and make sure they understand it.
  3. Divide class into teams and tell them they have 10 minutes to make a song and dance using these lyrics. Tell the class they will have a blind vote at the end to see whose song and dnace were the best.
  4. Have the blind vote at the end.
  5. As a bonus, you can show a youtube video of the song to see what the “real” version is like.

Keep the lyrics short and simple if you’re trying this on the class for the first time. If it goes well, you can always give them more.

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Author: Teaching Recipes Staff
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