Describing your apartment

This is an excellent way to get students speaking and to practice “home” related vocabulary and prepositions.

1.  Warm up by quizzing students about prepositions. Take a pen and place it around your body. Ask, “Where’s the pen?”.  Place it in some funny places!

2. In pairs with a pen, students practice and do the same as modeled by the teacher.

3. Draw a floor plan of your apartment on the chalkboard. Underneath, write the target language – Where is your….? / Do you have a/an …….?

Students ask the teacher about his/her apartment and the teacher draws in the place of things, describing using furniture. Your students will be very curious!

4.  Give each student a blank piece of paper. They draw their apartment/house (only the walls and front door) and then in pairs or small groups, describe and draw where things are in their apartment.

5. If you have time — get students to tell the rest of the class what they found interesting about their partner’s apartment!

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Author: Teaching Recipes Staff
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