Text Messaging – A writing lesson

Cellphones are the imbilical cord of today’s youth. Instead of fighting against them, let’s use this interest to get them learning English!

Transl8it.com allows the teacher to enter English text and then get the “text message” equivalent. Simply copy this and handout to students. The students look at the text messaging and “decode” this into proper English. After they are done, ask the students to turn to the page in their book that you took the text/script from and check their answers! (or give them a handout of the original to check against / or get a student to put it on the board).

I have made several Transl8it.com games. The most popular being the “Pop Song” version where students decode song lyrics, then check and listen to the songs. Get them HERE on EFL Classroom 2.0.

Use text messaging to help your students with their writing skills.

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