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Teaching Writing – Recipes & Resources

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These tried and true lesson activities will help you get your students writing and communicating in English. The recipes work with most teaching scenarios … Read More ....

Interview An Older Person

This is a great task and homework assignment.  Get students to use a set of questions (make them in class) and interview an older person they know. A neighbor, a grandfather, grandmother, a friend of the family …. doesn’t matter.… Read More ....

Post It Notes

Post It Notes – small things but so useful!   Get students using them to label the things in the classroom.  Or get students putting them on their desk into categories, writing the vocabulary on the note.  Or have students go … Read More ....

Simple Dictogloss

You can use a dictogloss task to practise all four skills (reading, writing, listening and speaking), along with grammar or lexis.  See a nice explanation HERE.

If the topic of the week is sport, create a short text about sport, … Read More ....

Bucket List

Students will understand the concept of the “bucket list” but you might even show them a little clip from the famous movie so they understand this.

Then get them to write out their own bucket list and share with classmates … Read More ....

The Black Hole

This video makes a great prediction or writing exercise. Just stop and pause and then students guess what happens next. Loads of possibilities to teach with this.

Get the video and teaching resources here. 

Find more videos like this on Read More ....

Paint Chip Essay Instruction

Writing Activities

Paint Chip Essay Writing
I had been experiencing trouble with teaching essay writing for some reason this year. I had seen a video from “TeachingChannel” about using paint chips from the hardware store to teach suffixes, prefixes and … Read More ....

Sentence Auction

I used to play a game called Sentence Auction. Print up money from your home country and give each group of students the same ammount of money. I used to do $1000 in $10 and $20 bills. Then write a Read More ....

Classroom labeling

This is a great idea for the start of the year. 

Give each group of students some card board strips of paper. Also some tape. 

Students brainstorm the names of all things in the classroom (in English!). 

Then, ask them … Read More ....

Body writing

This idea works well in pairs.  Model in front of the class first.

1. Write numbers or letters on the back of a student/classmate by using your finger.

2. The classmate guesses the number/letter.

3. Make it more advanced. Larger … Read More ....