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Grammar Poems

Grammar poems are ways for students to review lesson content and also express themselves and start really noticing language. Students that notice language really develop into great language learners.

Write the grammar poem outline on the board and do a … Read More ....

Not like the other things

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I am a BIG fan of not only teaching English but teaching thinking skills. We have to do both (and always spice with happiness!).

This game really gets students thinking and … Read More ....

Sky Writing / Body Writing

This is a fun way to teach English “physically”.

Students spell words on the back of their partner who must guess what they wrote! 

Also, do the same thing but this time, they write on the palm of their partner … Read More ....

Wall of Words

Every week put up a large piece of chart paper on the classroom wall. Get a marker on string and tie it nearby.

Students can go there and write new vocabulary they have learned or just put up graffiti and … Read More ....


Purchase a postcard for each member of your class (or just make some and photocopy or get a stack of free ones available at some stores. You could use this one or see all our templates.). Each student writes … Read More ....