Not like the other things

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I am a BIG fan of not only teaching English but teaching thinking skills. We have to do both (and always spice with happiness!).

This game really gets students thinking and you’ll be amazed at their creative minds and answers!

1.  Practice the song above, “One of these things is not like the others” , a Sesame Street classic. It will get students engaged and ready for the game. Maybe just the chorus or get the ppt with the song/video and lyrics on EFL Classroom (also the game with lots of “not like the other thing” challenges).

2. Take 4 objects from the classroom. Write on the board,

“The ……. is not like the other things because …..”

Get students to first write down as many answers as possible.

3. Time’s up! Ask students to state their answers. The class will decide if it is a valid answer. Give a point for each unique answer as you go around the groups. No repeating of a previous answer allowed. When all answers are exhausted, start a new round with 4 new objects.

Use the ppt located above and also a worksheet for writing answers which is provided. As I stated, you’ll be amazed at the answers they come up with!

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