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Alphabet Organizing

  This is a very simple way to brainstorm and practice    vocabulary. Alphabet organizing!


Simply use this handy organizer and get the students to list all the vocab for a certain topic (at the beach, at the restaurant, animals, … Read More ....

Guided Writing

There are many ways to teach writing but one way that I really think provides enough structure for beginning and developing writers is guided writing.

Give students a text with words missing (usually nouns). In groups or pairs, they can … Read More ....


   Foldables are a great way to make your lessons “active” and also more about fostering thinking skills.

They can be of all sorts. Just start with a piece (or pieces) of paper and get the students folding and labeling.  Like … Read More ....

Who Am I ?

This is a nice way to get students to know each other.


Make a quick organizer for writing. Have the students fold an A4 “hamburger” like, 4 times. They will have 8 lines for writing when they unfold it.… Read More ....

Mr. X – Story book writing

Writing storybooks is a great way to reinforce grammar and vocabulary. It also gives students confidence and pride in “producing” something visible and tangible to measure their English language learning experience.

There are several steps to making a storybook and … Read More ....

Text Messaging – A writing lesson

Cellphones are the imbilical cord of today’s youth. Instead of fighting against them, let’s use this interest to get them learning English!

Transl8it.com allows the teacher to enter English text and then get the “text message” equivalent. Simply copy this … Read More ....

Writing Tag

A piece of paper, a chalkboard and a pair of scissors are a teacher’s best friends.  Tr.uly, let me explain with this one activity.

1. Give each student a blank piece of paper.

2. Ask them to fold it “hamburger”, … Read More ....

Snowball Fight!

This is the perfect icebreaker and getting to know you activity! See an already made version HERE.

First, write 3 very simple sentence prompts on the board. For example something like this….

1. I like ………………………..

2. I don’t like … Read More ....

Can Pigs……? PROVERBS

Here’s a unique way to learn and practice proverbs for a higher level class (and probably high school or univ/adults).

Put a few common proverbs on the board without the ending. You can bring a horse to water but……….

Solicit … Read More ....

Rewrite a common story

The True Story of the 3 Pigs is a timeless classic.   Read the story with your students, maybe having a few students act it out as you read.

Then, ask the students to write another well-known story from the point … Read More ....