Indian Poker!

This is a variation of the 20 questions  game but can also be a way to learn/produce/practice all lesson vocabulary.

Give all students post it notes. ( I like using the small ones, the really tiny ones).  Students choose a famous person to write on the note OR a vocabulary item that you’ve studied/learned (maybe from a list on the board).

They put the post it note on the forehead of a friend. Everyone walks around asking questions to see if they can guess what person/vocabulary is. “Do I have big ears?”, “Do I have 4 legs?”. “Do I live in the jungle?” “Am I a woman?”  “Am I on TV?” etc…. Once they guess which animal they are, they can sit down and the teacher can give them another one on the forehead!

This is an all time FAV. with students.

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Author: Teaching Recipes Staff
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