Top 5 – The perfect vocab. game!

Top 5 was the first game I developed and the positive feedback I got from it, really keep me  motivated to make more games. Teachers loved its simplicity and students loved the competitive aspect. It also has a neat creative thinking skill aspect.

1.  Hand out the worksheet for each student. Put them in groups of 3/4.Name one scorekeeper for each group.

2.  Show a Top 5 category. Here is a basic game, get more on EFL Classroom for higher levels.  Students individually select the top 5 for the category while the thinking song plays. Give them either 1, 2 or 3 songs to complete.

3. Show the answers and students total their scores. See the scoring in the game but students get 2 points for any matching answer. More points if it is in the right / matching position (10, 7, 5, 3, 2).  The scorekeep totals the group’s total score and tells the teacher. Keep track of group totals on the board.

4. Play as many rounds as you have groups. Winner is both the individual with the highest score and the group with the highest score.

That’s it, get playing Top 5! Easy and a great way to review vocabulary/brainstorm vocabulary. You can also play without the worksheet. Students take turns guessing as the teacher reveals answers (right click on the slide and select “notes” , the answers will show up for the teacher!).

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Author: Teaching Recipes Staff
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