Go fishing!-Listening Activity

This is a very easy activity.  Easy to prepare and easy to do.  Howvever, it is very efficient to evaluate sts listening skills and to get some creativity in the listening area in your class.  I actually modified it from another activity I read in this site posted by David.

Objective:  To evaluate sts listening skills by picking out words from a song.


1.  Choose a song with vocabulary that suits your class or that you have used.  Ex.  past verbs, past participles, animals, places, etc.

2.  Cut little pieces of paper with a word for every sentence in the song. You will end up with many pieces of paper.

3.  Place the pieces of paper infront of the sts.  Make pairs or groups of three or four.

4.  Explain and model the activity. (Be funny and exaggerated to model activities, sts will laugh.  Always good in a class)

5.  Play the song and let the sts to GO FISHING!  The st who has more pieces of paper wins.

Follow up:

If you want to evaluate comprehension, ask a few questions about the song.

Another great idea is to make a story with all the words.  This depends on the level you teach.


Let me know how it goes.


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