After teaching grammar

We all know there is no way to teach grammar efficiently without being systematic.  We OUGHT to teach grammar systematically.  For example,


Explain in native tongue the tense and give the structure

Positive: Subject+verb+complement.

Negative: Subject+didn’t+verb+complement

Questions: Did+subject+verb+complement.

Try it, and you will get great results.  However, they need to practice as soon as you teach it.  Therefore, here are the steps to do after teaching grammar.

1. Teach grammar,

2. Ask for examples from students.  (you can even make some follow-up questions to make them communicate_

3. do an activity like the ones found here, recipes, to practice that grammar.

Be consistent with this model, and your students will now what come after teaching grammar, NOT a boring worksheet, but an EXCITING activity.  Consistency will give them a sense of security with their grammar but also expectation of new activities or games. 

You can work with a worksheet afterwards or with the book excercises but never forget to make it communicative.  I often do them orally and then give time to fll in the answers. 

Let me know how this helps you!


Author: Teaching Recipes Staff
ELT Buzz or Teaching Recipes staff member - here to help and inform teachers!