A Back To School Snowball Fight

It is back to school time and this teaching recipe is proven to work for all levels!

1. Get students to fill out on a sheet of paper some info. about themselves. You can use a prepared page like this free one to download, I prepared.

Make sure students DON’T write their name on the sheet of paper.

2. Ask students to crumple the piece of paper. Ask them what it looks like. Yes – a snowball!

3. Tell students for one minute they’ll have a snowball fight! Students throw the paper at each other and pick up snowballs and throw.

4. After the snowball fight, students pick up the nearest piece of crumpled paper and unfold it and read aloud the information. Then everyone votes and guesses who in the class it is.

Works like a charm! Why? Well, anthropology suggests that mock violence is a very strong way groups bond. And that ultimately along with learning more about each other in class, is what you want.

Enjoy the snowball fight! See our Back To School lesson bundle.


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