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This is a standard game and can be played to practice a variety of language forms (or just for fun!).  I use it to practice the difficult “have/has been …” present perfect tense.  Put the forms on the board.   The …….(s) has / have been ………….. 1. One student is elected and asked to […]

I have used this recipe to hilarious effect over my teaching years. Always a winner!  It focuses on the present perfect continuous tense and gets students practicing this form/conjugations. Come to class dressed up kind of looking like Mr. Bean. Tell students you are Mr. Has Been.  Have a set of flashcards or word cards […]

A good game for large classes and for reviewing vocabulary lessons. 1. Prepare a list of review vocabulary words. 2. Write each word on two small pieces of paper. That means writing the word twice, once on each paper. 3. Organize the pieces like bundles, 2 bundles, 2 sets of identical words. 4. Divide the […]

This recipe is for intermediate or higher levels. But the video can be used for all levels really. This video is superb! It has verbs linked to nouns in categories (Play / Blow etc… see the worksheet). Watch the video first and see if students can find the verbs that are shown in context. Next, […]

We all know there is no way to teach grammar efficiently without being systematic.  We OUGHT to teach grammar systematically.  For example, PAST SIMPLE Explain in native tongue the tense and give the structure Positive: Subject+verb+complement. Negative: Subject+didn’t+verb+complement Questions: Did+subject+verb+complement. Try it, and you will get great results.  However, they need to practice as soon […]

This is a standard lesson / activity for practicing possessives. 1. Put on the board my ….. – mine. your ….. – yours. his ….. – his. her ….. – hers. its …… – its. our … – ours your … – yours their ….. theirs. 2. Prior to the class while students are waiting, […]

This is an excellent writing exercise, getting students to increase the length of their sentences and beginning to use clauses. Write a simple sentence on the board. Students copy it. Ex. The dog ran.  Ask the students questions and the students after each question must rewrite the sentence, answering the question. Ex. Where? The dog […]

  Everyone loves to brag, so this lesson recipe works every time with a variety of levels and ages. It also allows students to use their own “lexicon” and thus practice producing language rather than just “acquiring”. It really helps fluency. Write on the board:   My …… is …….er / more ….. than your…..!    […]

Our Online Learning Center (OLC) allows learners to complete interactive English quizzes and enables the teacher to review his/her students’ attempts and control the learning process. Over 260 (and growing) ready-to-use grammar and vocabulary exercises. Levels: Elementary – Intermediate. Covers all the grammar students need for international exams, such as the PET and FCE. Supplements […]

This discussion activity really ceaches students to listen to each other. Start the activity by making statements for the class but “coughing / mumbling or saying “blablabla”. Ex. I went to the &&)))*** last night.  Students ask for clarification using the prompt on the board. Low: Excuse me, what did you say? High:  Excuse me […]

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