Bragging rights!

  Everyone loves to brag, so this lesson recipe works every time with a variety of levels and ages. It also allows students to use their own “lexicon” and thus practice producing language rather than just “acquiring”. It really helps fluency.

Write on the board:   My …… is …….er / more ….. than your…..!

   So what! / Big deal ! / Who cares!

Ask students to make a statement using the target language or the teacher make the statement. It is good to start this with “My father is … than your father.  The teacher / student  responds with Big deal! etc. Students will catch on. Use pictures to prompt the language if not starting with father.

Have fun. Practice enough with the whole class so they get used to the bragging language.

Finally, put students in groups and give them some flashcards, a mixture of vocabulary. I just cut out pictures into small squares and make a pile for each group. In turns, one picks up a card and slaps it down making a statement – “My (watch) is more (expensive) than your (watch).  The next student replies with Big Deal etc…. and then picks up a card and slaps it down bragging in return. Keep going…your students will be producing some great, creative language!

Have fun bragging!

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Author: Teaching Recipes Staff
ELT Buzz or Teaching Recipes staff member - here to help and inform teachers!