Is this yours? Possessives.

This is a standard lesson / activity for practicing possessives.

1. Put on the board

my ….. – mine.

your ….. – yours.

his ….. – his.

her ….. – hers.

its …… – its.

our … – ours

your … – yours

their ….. theirs.

2. Prior to the class while students are waiting, go around an scoop up some student’s items (put them in a basket / bag).

3. Take out some items and ask students. “Is this your…..? Is this yours? Whose is it? etc…

Get students to respond and give back the items one by one.

4. Give students some small pictures of items. Tell them they got a gift and they should put a secret label on it, so they can tell if it is theirs. (I get them to sign it or put a secret sign on it. – NOT their name).You could use these pictures.

5. Collect the “gifts” and shuffle/mix. Tell the students they have lost their gifts but found some others. Go around the class asking students – “Is this your…. ? Is this yours? When a student has returned all the gifts to their proper owner, they can sit down.

6. Conclude by asking which gift they got, they like the best.

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