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Finish It Off!

This discussion activity really teaches students to listen to each other.

Start the activity by making statements for the class but “coughing / mumbling or saying “blablabla”. Ex. I went to the &&)))*** last night.  Students ask for clarification using … Read More ....

Grammar Poems

Grammar poems are ways for students to review lesson content and also express themselves and start really noticing language. Students that notice language really develop into great language learners.

Write the grammar poem outline on the board and do a … Read More ....

Unfortunately / Fortunately

Help your students learn to think positively with the game Fortunately-Unfortunately.

One player begins with an unfortunate statement like, “Unfortunately, there is a bat in the car.”

The next player has to counter with something more fortunate like, “Fortunately, I … Read More ....

Have you ever…?

This is great for practicing past participles and the present progressive tense.

Arrange group into a large circle with one person in the middle. The leader will prompt with the phrase “Have you ever ?”

The person in the middle … Read More ....

2 Truths, 1 Lie Game

This is a standard EFL game and a great way to icebreak and get students to know about each other.

1. Write 3 sentences about yourself on the board. Use sentence starters, for example:

A) I like to ……………… in … Read More ....