2 Truths, 1 Lie Game

This is a standard EFL game and a great way to icebreak and get students to know about each other.

1. Write 3 sentences about yourself on the board. Use sentence starters, for example:

A) I like to ……………… in my free time.
B) I have never ……………………..
C) I can …………… very well.

Use the sentence examples that you wish.  You can also only use 3 sentences. 2 truths and 1 lie.

2. State your sentences , completing them. Students vote and guess which one is the lie about yourself! Can be lots of fun.

3. Give students a slip of paper (or they can write in their notebook). Students use the same sentence starters and write down their own 2 truths , 1 lie. In small groups, they read and others guess which is the lie.

4. If you have time, get each person in a group, to report to the class about one thing they found interesting about a classmate in their own group.  Download the handout.

I often use a variation of this game for “wishes”. Here’s a description. I usually tell the 3 wishes joke beforehand to engage the students (3 men on a deserted island, find a genie in a bottle, he gives each one wish, the last man wishes the other two were back on the island because he’s lonely!).

Wishes Game Materials

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