Music Works

One recipe for teachers is to think of music differently. Not just as a way of studying language – listening to words but also as a way of classroom management or creating classroom atmosphere.

Here are a few ways music Read More ....

Post It Notes

Post It Notes – small things but so useful!   Get students using them to label the things in the classroom.  Or get students putting them on their desk into categories, writing the vocabulary on the note.  Or have students go … Read More ....

What’s The Trend?

A simple teaching recipe using the website – Storyline.

Students in teams open up the game and play. They must make a graph about the data set provided by the site. Ex. Percent of internet users over time.

Students discuss, … Read More ....


Sequencing is a great, open way to design a lesson task. Students get lots of comprehensible input and listening for detail and it is easy to do, organize.

1. Find a good piece of audio or video with clear steps. … Read More ....

Free Hugs

I used to do this with my classes (teacher training) and it always showed up on my teacher evaluations post-course as one of the highlights mentioned by trainees. You can do it too with students.


Play the song … Read More ....

Tasks For Teaching

TBLT (Task Based Language Teaching) is a valid approach and alternative to the traditional Prepare – Practice – Produce style lessons many teachers deliver.

Simply give students a task (preferably transferable to the real world) and let them “have a … Read More ....

Last Things First

One of the problems with teaching is that there is never enough time and things almost always take more time than we’ve planned for in our lessons.

So what happens is that the real important stuff, the activities, the “giving … Read More ....

Wish I Knew Then

Your students bring such a powerful and deep view and knowledge of the world into the classroom. We should always tap into that – each n every lesson.

One cool way is to ask them about “life advice”. What do … Read More ....

Guess The Sound

A fun game you can play online or off.

1. Students go and find an object that makes sound.
2. Keep it hidden or turn off the camera.
3. Then they do the sound and others guess.
4. Who guessed … Read More ....

Sports Vocabulary Review Games

It’s so easy to make a simple and fun game using a sport – to review a unit of study or just have fun using trivia questions.

Take a sport like baseball.  One group of students is team A.  The … Read More ....