50 Christmas Ideas

There are so many things you can do for Xmas lessons. Xmas movies or videos. Write Xmas cards. Give imaginary gifts. Play Xmas games like bingo or Jeopardy. Decorate the class. Sing carols, even karaoke. Hum and guess the carol! … Read More ....

Use Your Imagination

Creative thinking is central to all teaching. Here is a good idea to prompt students and get them to take their minds into different places.

Provide some lines, dots on a piece of paper. Or use this template ELT Buzz Read More ....

This Or That Game

This is a super easy game to play. Students vs teacher or in pairs student vs student.

Provide a This or That handout. Choices for students to make about the teacher or their partner. Here is a free one about … Read More ....

Free 2021 Calendars

Calendars are great to use in the classroom. Students can personalize them and learn about the important dates of the English world and for the school year.

Give students a big piece of chart paper and assign each group a … Read More ....

Stand Up If

A fun listening and getting to know each other game for the class or even online (in the video conference, students can “raise your hand if ..”.

Read out statements and students stand up if they answer yes to the … Read More ....

Home Scavenger Hunt

One sterling activity to engage students studying remotely is to do a home scavenger hunt.

Students have X minutes to find the objects and then report back and “show and tell” with other students in the video call. A nice … Read More ....

Quizlet – An Instant Digital Platform

I’ve been enamored by Quizlet ever since the mid 2000s when Andrew, a teen put the site up to help with his French studies. It’s grown to become one of the largest educational websites in the world.

ELT Buzz Teaching … Read More ....

Alphabet Cards

Simple activity for beginners.   Helps them to learn how to spell basic words.

Download and print out a set of alphabet cards. https://resources.eltbuzz.com/7vm

Call out a word and students spell it using the letter cards.  Get students to challenge each … Read More ....

Simple Dictogloss

You can use a dictogloss task to practise all four skills (reading, writing, listening and speaking), along with grammar or lexis.  See a nice explanation HERE.

If the topic of the week is sport, create a short text about sport, … Read More ....

Weekly Quiz

Divide learners into teams of four. Write a word that you introduced last week on the whiteboard, like:

  • loyal (adjective)

Ask learners to agree on:

  • the definition (faithful, devoted to someone/something)
  • the noun (loyalty)
  • the negative form (disloyal)
  • a common
Read More ....