Whiteboard Soccer

Soccer is an international game and all kids are crazy about it – even girls! Whiteboard soccer is a great way to make review and quizzes fun.

Draw a soccer pitch on the board. A magnet will be the ball. Divide the class into two teams. If you want to do it all the way, play a national anthem and do the coin toss. Nominate a captain. Get a student to be the scorekeeper and move the ball on the whiteboard. 

Teams keep moving the ball if they get the answer right. 3 correct answers equal a goal and then change possession. A wrong answer and change ball possession. Hit students with yellow or red cards (penalty kick) for not raising their hands, complaining etc……

Use this game to review or just to have fun. You can also get some great trivia questions HERE but I’d recommend that the best is to have students make the questions to play the game! Student-created content is the way to go.

Whiteboard soccer is fun to play in class.
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